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Solidity/Rust developer

Blockchain Education

Professional Experience

  • Engineering Intern, Aurora Labs, April 2022 to April 2023 — Aurora Labs is the company behind Aurora, the EVM blockchain that runs as a smart contract on the NEAR Protocol. I was a member of the Security Team, and my responsibilities and activities have included:
    • Security audits of Solidity smart contracts
    • Evaluation of Mythril, Slither and Manticore as testing tools for formal verification of smart contracts
    • Introduction of Foundry to the company for the development and deployment of smart contracts. This included writing the Foundry tests used in the Aurora Staking smart contract.
    • Prior to joining Aurora, I developed the Aurora Futures smart contract that the company used to allow the minting and later redemption of 3.5 million AURORA_FUTURES tokens, giving vested staff early liquidity options.

Personal Projects

  • Aurora-Futures: Smart contract that allows a “futures” token to be minted through the deposit of an underlying asset, which is exchangeable one-to-one for the underlying on a particular date.
  • Aurora-Multisend: Smart contract that allows a blockchain project to distribute tokens to investors in batches.
  • Payment-System: As the chess coach of several members of the crypto community, I created a smart contract that allows a student to provide advanced funding of payments, and allows the coach (me) to withdraw a fixed amount per period of time.
  • Aurigami-Folding: Smart contract that allows a user to “fold” assets at the Aurigami borrow & lending platform on the Aurora network. Folding is the process of repeatedly supplying and borrowing the same asset, in order to leverage the earned yield when the natural rates are supplemented with incentives.
  • Betting-game: Simple game that allows a player to double their money on a 50/50 coin flip
  • Token launchpad: Website which enable launching a token, creating a Uniswap V2 pool, and adding liquidity, all in the click of a button (launched on Aurora, Fantom and Arbitrum).


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