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Initial thoughts on rust

Fuck this is hard

Zero to production in Rust

Committed to reading this whole damn book. Currently on page 150, will write notes here going forward.

Rust x Ethereum

The following tools, if mastered, give you access to all layers in the ethereum stack.

Reth - Ethereum execution client

Foundry - Smart contract building/testing/deploying framework

Cryo - Rust tool able to extract ethereum data via RPC requests

Flood (this is python kek) - Python tool for analyzing/comparing performance of different RPC servers

Artemis - Rust template for building modular MEV bots

Heimdall - Heimdall is an advanced EVM smart contract toolkit specializing in bytecode analysis


Rust has proven to be an ideal choice for building scalable, reliable, and maintainable infrastructure. It offers high performance, a rich ecosystem, and prevents the majority of bugs one would typically find in a distributed system. Given our small team size, infrastructure reliability is crucial, otherwise, maintenance starves innovation. Rust provides us with confidence that any code modification or refactor is likely to produce working programs that will run for months with minimal supervision. - xAI team.